At OSH, we believe that in order to create a culture of trust and belonging, we must celebrate our unique identities and connect across our differences.

We believe that providing care is rooted in respecting the human rights of the most vulnerable in society. We strive to empower our caregivers, staff, and consumers to tell their truth and to live their unique stories with dignity.


From the initial hiring process, onboarding, and working at Open Systems, every single employee is held to high professional standards. No less included is the expectation that employees will uphold a working environment that is safe, accepting, and supportive for everyone. OSH prohibits any form of discrimination, hate speech, or harassment. Together, when we all contribute to and take part in doing the work, our team becomes stronger, and everyone wins.

Here's what we're currently doing to ensure all employees are welcome, heard, and treated fairly:


Words from Our CEO

When I started Open Systems in 2011, I started it with a mission; to provide a standard of care to Medicaid recipients who had been marginalized by the system. Our origin is based in combating systemic inequity, and it is time that we truly take all the steps to honor that mission.

DEI won’t just be another three letter acronym here. It will be part of our core values. It will be in the way we not only conduct our business, but in how we treat each other. Our success has always been rooted in our shared purpose, and our ability to deeply impact the communities in which we operate. Our future success now depends on our ability to embrace the power of DEI, to amplify the voices that have too often been silenced, and to work in conjunction with those communities to constantly demonstrate that our standard will continue to rise.

We are committed to diversity of not only of backgrounds, but also of perspectives. We will dedicate ourselves to growth, professionally and personally, understanding that meaningful change takes time and effort. We will create and foster a brand aligned with our belief that innovation comes from an environment of diverse experiences, stories, and identities.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion starts at the top. As your leader, I challenge each of you to embrace these upcoming changes, and I ask that you all hold me accountable as well. The road ahead is both challenging and exciting, and I am confident that together we will see, and more importantly, experience progress. Let’s get to work.

Chip Hill, President & CEO at Open Systems Healthcare